A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

The government is sending robots to old mines and caves to check some odd noises that citizens have been hearing in the past months. The problem came when not a single robot came back out. You are a special robot as you are armed with a fire balls gun, and your goal is to do a recon trip over those caves and mines. You are also armed with a light, so the recon video will show perfectly. Everything started to be a mess when some strange creature closed and locked the only way out. You got disconnected, but you woke up with an emergency battery. Let's go find the key of the door, set on fire as many trolls as you encounter, and be free. LEAP OUT OF THE CAVE!

AUTHORS: Jennifer García de la Calle, Sergio del Olmo Pueblas

Install instructions

Just download the zip file, select the platform in which you desire to run it, and double click on the file (.exe in windows, .app in mac). It is recommended to select the best graphics quality and to check that the resolution of the screen/game coincide. PLEASE, see the pdf file called "README - CREDITS".

Any suggestion for the game is welcome.


Leap out of the cave.zip 110 MB